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     Layla hurridly rushed around the house, grabbing whatever blankets and pillows she could, and dragged them into her room. Sara was gone, which meant that she could now stuff her shirt to make her belly look pregnant again, and stuff the HUGE, N-cup bra she had bought to make her boobs look enormous.
     Sure, Sara knew how much Layla enjoyed being big-boobed and round bellied, but it was still somewhat embaressing for Layla to stuff while she was home.
     And now, Layla stood in her room, looking nine months pregnant with 20, her boobs resting comfortable atop her belly; the whole package obstructing most of her view. She sat at her computer chair, and rubbed her belly lovingly. She patted it. She squeezed it. Why couldn't it be REAL?!
     In a similar fashion, she grasped her two, rolled-up-blankets boobs. Why couldn't they too be real?
     She started browsing the web in her "bloated" state, enjoying the notion of being big like this. Was she really such a freak for enjoying this so much? Surely Sara had to enjoy it too. She had just finished her 9-months of extreme pregnancy; there's no way any woman could get that big and NOT enjoy it, right?
     After a while, Layla stood up, with some effort, and made her way over to her bed. She layed down, resting her head on the only pillow not making up her womb, and draped the only blanket not part of her belly or boobs over her. She loved how her belly prevented the blanket from covering her all the way. She rubbed her belly, as she slowly... drifted.. to... sleep.....

     Layla slowly lifted her eyelids open. Such a nice nap...
     "Hey sis" the voice said from beside her. Layla's eyes grew wide, as she turned to see Sara, her adopted sister, sitting beside her, rubbing her enormous belly.
     "Oh my gosh," She murmered to herself, embaressed by what had happened. She had fallen asleep. She fell asleep, and now her sister was home, while she was stuffed with big boobs and a big belly.
     "Don't be too embaressed," Sara said, stroking Layla's belly some more. "You look hot like this."
     "Really Sara?" Layla said in somewhat of a protest. "I know we're not blood-related, so if we did decide to swing that way it wouldn't be incest, but could you NOT say stuff like that?"
     "Oh come on," Sara replied. "You worried you might actually become attracted to me? Don't be rediculous!" Sara got up and made her way to the door, "Come on, I have dinner ready."
     "Ok," Layla responded, stuggling to get up. As she did, Sara looked back at her.
     "Oh, and don't unstuff. I like how you look like this," She said with a wink as she disappeared down the stairs.

     The two ate there dinner, one a big, stuffed teddy bear of a woman, the other the girl who watched it like eye candy. Layla wasn't going to lie, she was enjoying doing day-to-day things this big.
     "So, you remember when you were pregnant, I told you I'd have some stuff for you to try out which would allow you to blow up?" Sara asked, grabbing the plates from the table.
     "Yeah," Layla said rather excitedly, placing her hands on her belly. "Why, what do you have?"
     "Well," Sara began, "I may have a way for you to be like this," Sara motioned to Layla's boobs and belly, "without stealing every blanket in the house. The only thing is -"
     "I'll take it!" Layla shouted, not carring what the "only thing" was.
     "Now, Layla," Sara started, "understand, this is completely experimental. This isn't even something I was supposed to be working on at work. If something goes wrong... I dont know."
     "What could go wrong?"
     "I don't know, I haven't tested it yet. Anything could happen."
     Layla sat down and the couch and thought about it. She looked at her boobs, and the little bit of her belly that was poking out from under them. Then, she stood up, unstuffed everything and said, "Give it to me."

     A short while later, and they were ready to begin. Layla sat on the couch, wearing a tight sports bra underneath a tight jogging shirt, which was matched with a pair of tight jogging pants.
     Sara brought out 10 boxes of chocolates, and sat them on the coffee table.
     "Ok, we're going to do this one at a time, ok? I'm not giving you another chocolate until you've stopped growing from the one before it," a look of excited concern on her face.
     "What is it with you and chocolate?" Layla asked, remembering how chocolates made her blow up the last time she at them.
     "Dont worry about it, now come on! Here!" Sara gave Layla one piece of chocolate, which Layla eyeballed befor popping it into her mouth.
     She chewed and swallowed it, and waited. There was a silent anticipation lingering in the room.
     "Do you feel anything?" Sara asked, waiting for SOMETHING to happen.
     "No, not- OH!" Layla placed her hands on her stomach.
     "What is it?!" Sara asked, worried yet excited.
     "There's a pressure in my belly, and boobs.... oh!!" Layla moaned pleasurably. Suddenly, before both of their eyes, her belly and boobs began to enlarge. The feeling was orgasmic to Layla. It was just soo... great!
     "Oh my gosh! Sara! I'm blowing up!" she screamed with excitement.
     Sara placed her hand on Layla's belly, and felt it push out from her body. Layla cupped her boobs, and felt them fill out her hands.
     And then it stopped. Layla looked herself over; Her belly poked out about a woman 8 months pregnant, and her boobs were around DD range.
     "Well come on!" Layla demanded. "Give me another one!"
     Sara grabbed two more pieces of chocolate, and fed them to Layla, who immediately began ballooning again.
     "My gosh, Layla! you're going to be huge!" Sara said, in excitement as Layla's belly nearly tripled in size and her boobs went up four cups.
     And then the growing stopped. Laylay stood up, and waddled over to the nearest mirror, and gave herself a good look-over.
     "Holy Hell! I'm so FAT!" She joked, feeling her newly aquired assetes. She waddled back over to Sara, and laid in front of the couch next to her.
     "Here," Sara said, offering a pillow for Layla's head. She accepted the pillow, placing it behind her head, and demanded the next chocolate.
     Once again, Sara gave her two pieces. As Layla ate her pieces though, Sara fed herself one. Instantly, Sara felt her boobs and belly blow up.
     "Layla! Look!" she said excitedly. And then, she looked down at her little sister. "LAYLA! What are you doing now!?"
     As Layla's boobs and belly continued to surge outwards, Layla's ass had begun swelling as well, pushing her lower-half upwards.
     "Sara?!? I think I'm stuck!" Layla moaned, as she tried to get to her feet. Sara grabbed her hands, and pulled her up. Finally on her feet, Layla checked herself out. Her belly was really starting to get huge. And her boobs were massive. And now... now she had an ass that would make Kim Kardashian jelous.
     "Layla, I'm so sorry! I didn't know these would make your butt big too!" Sara said apologetically.
     "Really Sara?" Layla asked. "My ass is huge! This is perfect!" Layla tried to hug Sara, but their boobs and bellies got in the way.
     "Come on, let's go get huge!"
     The two kept eating chocolate after chocolate after chocolate. By the end of it, Layla had swallowed a total of 64 chocolates. Her belly rounded out about 1.5 times what it was when she stuffed, which was fine by her. Her boobs... well, that N-cup bra doesn't fit... and her ass? Well..... let's just say, you could set a dinner up on it; glass, plate and every piece of silverwear, and still have a ton of space left!
     Sara had only 30 chocolates. Her ass was only slightly bigger than Kardashian's, her boobs... around K-cups, and her belly was... octomom-give or take.

     Sara waddled into Layla's room, wearing the streatchy-ist outfit she could find.
     "Good night Layla," Sara offered, making her way over to her bloated sister.
     "Good night Sara," she responded, trying to get her blanket to cover more of her. Sara reached over, and helps her out.
     "Hey Sara?" Layla asked.
     "You need to find a way to get us small again."
     Sara looked confused. "I thought you wanted to be big like this?" she asked.
     "I do," Layla said. "but the best part is growing this big, dont you think?"
     Sara rubbed her sister's belly, and tried to give her one more hug.
     "Goodnight, sexy," she said, closing the door.
     Layla smiled. It was a GREAT night.
just a story
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perchedontheloon Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
I love the setup to the inflation, Layla stuffed her clothes to make herself look huge. I do agree with fleetingsqnity that you rushed to the end but it was still a good read. Any plans to do more stuffing pieces? Maybe with balloons? :)
SEXYBLUEBERRIES Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Uh... lol maybe ;)
fleetingSanity Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nice story I really enjoyed it. My only complaint is the way you kinda just jumped to the end you had a nice little growth sequence going there and then it was just BOOM THE END IS NOW lol. Like I said I'm a big fan of the story I just think the growth could have been more fleshed out....ya that pun was intended lol. Still thanks for the story bud I look forward to reading more from you.
SEXYBLUEBERRIES Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks :) i was a little pressed for time, so yeah, i did rush the ending a little. i'll be sure to make sure i drag it out more next time ;)
fleetingSanity Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Cool I look forward to it.
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